The End of the End of History: Politics in the Twenty-First Century (2021) (with Alex Hochuli and Phil Cunliffe)
Introduction à Antonio Gramsci (French) (Second Ed. 2019) (with Nathan Sperber)
An Introduction to Antonio Gramsci: His Life, Thought, and Legacy (2016) (with Nathan Sperber)

Other recent writing
Chapter in Contesting Cosmopolitan Europe: Euroscepticism, Crisis, Borders, June 2022 [link]
Chapter in The Conformist Rebellion: Marxist Critiques of the Contemporary Left, April 2022 [link]
TLS Footnotes to Plato, essay on Gramsci, March 2022 [link]

Recent interviews
DSA Class Unity Transmissions Podcast, 8 March 2022 [link]
Shit Platypus Says, 28 October 2021 [link]
Good in Theory podcast, 30 August 2021 [link]
Contercast, 9 July 2021 [link]