Teaching resources

Here are some resources from courses at The IF Project (a free humanities university in London) and Universify (a free summer school for state school pupils, where I was a co-founding trustee). ‘What is populism?’, lecture for The IF Project “Thinking Between The Lines” course, September 2019. [audio] ‘What’s so good about equality anyway?’, lectureContinue reading “Teaching resources”

The Left Against the People?

From the 1990s to the mid 2010s, the question of the people was not a central one in British politics. Low and declining voter turnout, party membership, and trade union membership (as traced by Peter Mair in his essential Ruling the Void (London: Verso, 2013)) in fact created a moral panic in the other direction.Continue reading “The Left Against the People?”

The EU and democracy: the EU as undemocratic and as antidemocratic?

The packed launch event of Costas Lapavitsas’ The Left Case Against the EU earlier this week suggested that there is increasingly fertile ground for arguments against the European Union that appeal to Leftists. While these arguments have been made previously — indeed, nothing in what I’ve written here is new — it is crucial to continue to make them. As aContinue reading “The EU and democracy: the EU as undemocratic and as antidemocratic?”